FAQ Page

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers...

*Is "Faster Affiliate" Really Free?
(A) - Yes, at least for now. Anyone that starts off as a free member will always be free, and will never have
to pay to use the service. At some point we may start to charge a monthly fee for new members that come in,
but for now it's all free for anyone.

*How Do I Contact You Or Support?
(A) - Please use our "Contact Us" found under the menu tab at the TOP of the page.

*Where Can I See The Emails You Send To Members?
(A) - The Emails we send to Members are only sent to the email address you used to register with,
we do not post them in the member area.

*Can I Change My Email Address?
(A) - YES! When you receive a email from us you will find at the bottom a link: Change Subscriber Options

*How Do I Change My Password And Username?
(A) You can not change your username, but you can change your password by clicking on
"Forgotten your password?" found at the bottom of the Member Login page an enter your email
address and click on the submit button an you will instantly be sent an email which will allow you
to change your password to a new one.

*How Do I Cancel My Membership?
(A) - There is nothing to cancel since it's a FREE service.

*How Do I Cancel My Membership Emails?
(A) - When you receive a email from us you will find at the bottom a link: Unsubscribe